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The NKY Community Journalism Fund, a component fund of Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky, collaborates with community supporters like you to protect and expand public interest journalism that has a direct impact on our community. We aim to increase our region's ability to engage the public, call for accountability, and explore solutions to make a difference for the people of Northern Kentucky. Join us in supporting this critical work.

  • Donations to the NKY Community Journalism Fund can only be used for public-interest journalism. LINK uses these funds to pay for writers, production, and distribution to report on health care, education, infrastructure, politics and government (but not political opinions), the economy, and crime. You know, the big issues facing the NKY Metro.
  • Donations CAN’T be used to pay for executive salaries, salespeople, marketing, overhead expenses like rent or utilities, or reporting in areas like entertainment, sports, arts, culture, food, or lifestyle. LINK has to pay for all of that through advertising sales and sponsorships. (If you want to support those parts of LINK, reach out to

  • This money is going to Horizon Community Funds. How does LINK get it? In order to receive funds from the NKY Community Journalism Fund, LINK has to write grant requests detailing how much funding is needed, and what exactly it is going to be used for. Horizon confirms that the request is for approved expenses, and then disburses the funds.
  • Okay, but how do we know LINK used it properly? Horizon conducts regular audits of all disbursements and expenses to ensure funds are used properly.
  • Why donations? Why not just put in a paywall and charge a subscription?Part of our mission at LINK is to bring the news to everyone in the community, regardless of their ability to pay for it. Putting in a paywall and charging a subscription to get to the news would go directly against that mission. We’d much rather use this model that allows those who have the means to help to provide the news to those without.
  • Wait a minute - I thought LINK was a for-profit company? We are. Well, we are what we like to call a for-breakeven company. We do not provide profit sharing or dividends to our handful of local shareholders. Instead, we are expected to take any and all earnings and put them right back into the company, improving our technology, hiring more people, adding new product lines, and bringing more news to more people. Our revenues support non-public interest journalism (like sports or lifestyle reporting) and all of our overheads, like rent for our newsroom in Covington, and website design and maintenance.
  • That all sounds great. I’d like to make a more significant contribution to LINK. How do I do that? We’d love your support. To discuss larger donations, or planned giving, please reach out to our CEO, Lacy Starling at to set up a time to talk.
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